Artists' Market Community Center - Shohola, PA

The Artists' Market Community Center supports the arts in the Barryville, NY/Shohola, PA area by offering art exhibits, special events, classes, and concerts. It's free to join and get notified of all the local happenings--including art exhibits, opening receptions, classes, concerts, and special events.

Clients of the Artists' Market include artists, actors, teachers, writers, poets, singers, and a host of other creatives who work with us to bring to life a vision. Sometimes it's a play.  Sometimes it's a solo art exhibition.  Sometimes it's an actor's showcase. It could be anything and everything any type of artist has to offer.

Sometimes you're invited to watch. Sometimes you're invited to participate. You're always invited to partner with us to celebrate the arts.  

Artists' Market Community Center is located at 114 Richardson Avenue, Shohola, PA.

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great art, great conversation, and great coffee!

Kelly Keltor, 6/13/2016

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Robert C. Force @, 6/14/2016

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