Bold Archery Design - Jeffersonville, NY

Bold Archery Design is a traditional & primitive archery shop specializing in hand crafted wood longbows, custom designed wood arrows & a full array of accompanying leather work for all levels of archers & hunters, or even reenactors. Not limited to just making traditional archery equipment, at Bold Archery Design you can also learn everything about archery you've ever wanted to know, from the origins of archery and how man evolved to never missing your mark. We teach an outdoor skills course in conjunction with traditional archery, you can find a lesson plan at our web site.

This home-based business run by bowyer, craftsman and artisan, Joseph Frye, is open to all ages over 8 and all experience levels. We can accommodate any type of group or travel to your location within the Delaware Valley region.

You can also find us at many local events & fairs where we typically set up archery ranges for visitors to experience traditional archery.

If you visit the area and intend to stay the night at The Arnold House in Livingston Manor, Bold Archery Design accommodates guests with a custom course schedule and archery lessons.

Feel free to call during normal business hours with any questions. Or visit our web site for more information & links to our social networks.

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Latitude: 41.772006 Longitude: -74.9194 Elevation: 1181 ft
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Seasons Open

Spring to Fall

Accessibility Notes



Pet Friendly Notes

Please use your judgement in regards to bringing your own pets. If you intend to visit the business be aware there are friendly cats & dogs on the premises.

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