Bushkill Falls, "The Niagara of Pennsylvania" - Bushkill, PA

Bushkill Falls has been an attraction in the Pocono Mountains since 1904. Early visitors arrived by horse-drawn wagon or carriage. Those who came to the area on day trips could hire a ride from the closest railroad station. Some arrived by vehicles furnished by nearby boarding houses, hotels, and resorts. And still others came on foot strolling up from the Peters House, located about two miles below or walking down from Unity House. 

Bushkill Falls’ founder, Charles E. Peters, was convinced that the scenic glens, ravines, and falls, once they were made easily accessible, were destined to be enjoyed by many people. Peters loved the area, which had been so dramatically carved by the last great glacier, and wanted to share its beauty. His dream of turning the 300 acres, almost prophetically purchased by his father, uncle, and grandmother less than a year after young Charlie’s birth, into something that could be seen by all began with a driveway cut through the woods from the nearest road to the high ground above the main falls. The trees he felled were used to build a bridge. A path was cleared to the Main Falls, and he christened his attraction “The Niagara of Pennsylvania” and posted a sign that said “Admission 10 cents.”

During the last summer before the United States entered World War I, about 30,000 visitors viewed Bushkill Falls. Today, more than 200,000 visit.

Bushkill Falls is still owned by the Estate of Charles E. Peters. Management has maintained Peters’ determination to protect and preserve the natural environment. The streams feeding the falls are rated Exceptional Value which are among the cleanest and most outstanding waters in all of Pennsylvania and support excellent diversity and populations of aquatic life.

(Excerpts from “The Story of Bushkill Falls – From the Delaware Indians to Charles Peters and His Dream.” Available at Bushkill Falls.)

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Latitude: 41.125999 Longitude: -75.006748 Elevation: 864 ft

Recreational Opportunities

Activities include hiking trails that are color-coded for you to choose how far you wish to hike and how many of the eight waterfalls you wish to see.

Besides hiking the trails, other popular activities include the Mining Maze, Mining for Gemstones, miniature golf, paddleboat rides, fishing, and visiting the Native American Exhibit.

Bushkill Falls is great for both active recreation and quiet relaxation. There are many areas to sit quietly and enjoy nature, have an ice cream cone, or relax in conversation with friends and family.

Seasons Accessible

Bushkill Falls opens daily at 9 a.m. from April 1 until October 31. November weather permitting.


Daily fee schedule can be found on the website - visitbushkillfalls.com

Accessibility Notes

Visitors can view the Main Falls from the green trail, which takes about 15 minutes to walk. No climbing is involved, however, there are steps.

The yellow, blue, and red trails do have steps and require climbing. There are benches along the way to take a breather. Comfortable, closed-toed, shoes are recommended for a walk over natural pathways. 

Strollers are not allowed on the trails, and the trails are not handicap accessible.

Pet Friendly Notes

Dogs are allowed and must be leashed at all times.


Charles E. Peters would be ashamed of the way Aramark is running the facility now. I witnessed several instances of very poor (bordering on nasty) customer treatment, and at least one health code violation in the food area (wearing food handling gloves, taking money, making change and handling food with the same gloves on that just handled money). The cost has made it inaccessible to many people. I do not think that Charles E. Peters would agree with the price structure or lack of customer care. If the estate of Charles E. Peters sees this post, I am hoping they will not renew with Aramark. Give it to a local business to run, not a heartless corporation.

Ron, 7/14/2016


CHIVV101@AOL, 9/27/2017

A lot of people do not realize that the entrance fee is waived if you have a drivers license present with the first 3 numbers of your zip code being 183. I have lived in Bushkill for 4 years now and frequent the facility sometimes by myself for exercise and beauty, or with family that visits regularly. I went with 3 friends last weekend and the woman would not grant free admission for me stating that they don't accept free admissions on weekends. When I told her I had been in the park numerous times on the weekend with free admission, she tossed my license back to me and called 'next!' My friends were next and decided not to enter. So they lost 3 admissions for not granting something that they keep a secret and do not advertise at the park. Ridiculous.

Mark d., 8/29/2018

This place looks amazing. I really want to come here in the near future.

Light Fury, 4/11/2019

I was just there with my family and loved it. It is beautiful. Although I think it is a bit pricey. I dont think they should charge so much money to see a natural thing. Niagara falls is free to enjoy. I get that the trails have to be maintained but really over 200,000 visitors at $16.50 a head that's just crazy.

Nikki, 6/27/2019

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