D&L Trail - Northampton County, PA Section

The D&L Trail follows the footprint of the U.S. industrial revolution; a 165 mile pathway that anthracite coal took from mines in Carbon and Luzerne Counties to fuel America’s Industrial Revolution in the Lehigh Valley and build markets in Philadelphia.

The trail is currently 85% percent complete, with a goal of the full 165 miles complete by 2020. The trail surface type is a combination of flat, earthen canal towpath or crushed stone atop former railbed. The D&L Trail permits mixed use, encouraging walking, running, bicycling, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and hiking. 

Typical trail users include residents of the 34 communities the trail passes through, users who come from neighboring counties, and visitors who come from out of the area to ride multiple trail sections.

For a trailhead directions and descriptions, visit: www.delawareandlehigh.org/map/

For more information about the D&L and it's affiliates, visit: www.delawareandlehigh.org.


Latitude: 41.228823 Longitude: -75.883498
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Trail Distance

165 miles

Pet Friendly Notes

The D&L Trail is pet friendly. 

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