Delaware Delicacies - Hancock, NY

Featured on National Geographic's docu-reality show "Filthy Riches," Ray Turner, eel fisherman, owns and operates this unique smoke house and purveyor of fine smoked products featuring eel, salmon, trout, shrimp, duck and hens (seasonal) and other fine products.

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Latitude: 41.945305 Longitude: -75.250218 Elevation: 932 ft
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I have called several times and left messages to order smoked eels but never received a call back. Is the smoke house closed? Is Ray alright?

Helma Rhoades, 11/14/2017

Would love to visit. Can I go fishing?

Janet Holley, 2/17/2018

I live 250 miles away. I would love to come up to buy some smoked eel. I havn't had that for a long time. No one answers the phone. I left messages several times but get no call back. That's a long drive to find you're closed. my e mail is Phone 848 224 4483

Steve Farkas, 4/9/2018

Is Ray still with us?

Joseph, 8/12/2018

Yes, Ray is alive and well -- open every day. He's 70yrs old and pretty much off-grid down on the river. As of 2 weeks ago 9/9, he had smoked shrimp, salmon and trout plus cheese plus shelves of canned/jarred preserves and other specialty foods. Eels have been scarce this year but he's still holding out hope.

Heather, 9/23/2018

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