ForEvergreen Nature Preserve - Analomink, PA

Explore the ForEvergreen Nature Preserve— "where the Brodhead doubles"—on a historic flyfishing section of Brodhead Creek. Both native and invasive plant communities and wildlife habitat areas are re-establishing on the former golf course. A nature preserve of unique grassy meadows, ponds and wetlands in the midst of forested hills.

A nature museum is planned. Brodhead Watershed Association and Pocono Heritage Land Trust have a launched a capital campaign to renovate the former golf course clubhouse into a nature museum, education/meeting space and office for BWA/PHLT. Stroud Township owns the land and has awarded a long-term lease to BWA/PHLT. Stroud Township acquired the building as part of its purchase of the 42-acre former golf course with Open Space funds, renaming the site ForEvergreen Nature Preserve. 

Parking is available  on Cherry Lane Road, Analomink, PA.

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Latitude: 41.057269 Longitude: -75.218622 Elevation: 542 ft
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BWA Brodhead Watershed Association

Recreational Opportunities

Walking, hiking, running: Main trail is flat and graveled. Off-trail hiking can be moderately difficulty walk on both level and sloped terrain.

Fishing: Catch-and-release fishing in Brodhead Creek, a trout stream of "national significance." Wild trout have been found in the section of the Brodhead adjoining the property. “Open Space Wild Trout” education and special regulation signs are posted.

Eagle watching: A nesting pair of eagles is readily visible from the clubhouse area of the nature preserve. Photography is welcome. 

Education and conservation: Interpretive signs along the trail offer history notes, wildlife observations and conservation tips. A rain garden displays the importance of water conservation and water quality.


Seasons Accessible

Year round



Accessibility Notes

Main trail is flat and graveled. Off-trail hiking can be moderately difficulty walk on both level and sloped terrain.

Pet Friendly Notes

Pets welcome.


Slide 2 - caption states 'bald eagle reacts to unwelcome visitor'; looks like an osprey to me - and I'm only a beginner birder compared to most; you guys are naturalists?? :-)

Diane, 10/27/2017

Slide 2 - As a beginner birder you are correct. The “unwelcome visitor” is an Osprey “stooping” on the perched male Bald Eagle who was perched to protect their nearby nest. Being raptor competitors for both habitat and food (primarily fish - trout from the Brodhead Creek and bass/panfish fron nearby lakes the two birds often have confrontations. The larger Eagle was just protecting himself from the Osprey’s aerial objections. Photo Credit - Russ Thrall III, Brodhead Chapter of Trout Unlimited

Don Miller, 9/28/2018

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