Hawk's Nest/Upper Delaware Scenic Byway - Deerpark, NY

The Hawk's Nest, often highlighted in advertisements as an exciting European driving experience, is a winding route that hangs on the hillside from walled foundations and affords spectacular views of the Upper Delaware River. It is the most photographed section of the Byway. It has been seen in national TV commercials and travel magazines. Thousands of visitors stop to enjoy the scenic view throughout the year, because each season exhibits its own individual character and beauty.

The Hawk's Nest Mountain rises hundreds of feet above the Delaware River. Some of the heights are perpendicular to the road. In its sides are deep crevices and caverns. In these heights hawks and eagles build their nests which makes for exciting viewing as they hunt along the river. Binoculars and cameras are a must when visiting this area.


Latitude: 41.422808 Longitude: -74.733292 Elevation: 658 ft

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