Johnsonville Farm and Garden - Bangor, PA

Established in 1943, the Johnsonville Farm and Garden was originally a Grange League Federation and local farmers co-op. Today under the ownership of Jesse Poliskiewicz and Aline Haddad the Johnsonville Farm and Garden operates as a community-based general store stocked with agricultural necessities and local products. You can find everything from feed for your animals to seasonal produce, raw milk, cheese and honey. Johnsonville Farm and Garden serves the needs of the local & agricultural community in northeastern Pennsylvania, northwestern New Jersey, and beyond.

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Latitude: 40.892144 Longitude: -75.153989 Elevation: 579 ft
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Aline Haddad

Produce and Crafts Highlights

General Goods for Man and Beast

Seasonal Local Produce

Raw Milk



Local Eggs

Raw Honey

Local Hand Churned Ice Cream

Homemade Soap

Liniments, Balms & Oils



Handmade Clothes

Livestock Feed

Custom Milled

Non-GMO Feed

Certified Organic Feed

Raw Ingredients

Seasons for Market

Year Round, Indoor/Outdoor


Wonderful products and even better customer service!!!

Teri, 4/26/2016

I love having Klein's homemade cheese available! The mozzarella was the best!

P. Rutt , 4/26/2016

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