Kittatinny Canoes Annual Delaware River Clean-Up - Milford, PA

We're celebrating our 28th annual river clean-up! Come out and join us!

Kittatinny Canoes' annual river clean-up is a major success each year, in large part to our faithful volunteers who come back year after year. Hundreds of volunteers give their time to help preserve and protect the ecology of the river and its inhabitants. Kittatinny, in return for their time and loyalty, provides complimentary canoes, campsites, breakfast, and a barbecue dinner to all of the volunteers.

The volunteers are organized according to skill, some just picking up trash and debris along the banks and where the water is shallow; others are divers and snorkelers who concentrate on the deeper sections of the river. As a team, they are unstoppable!

Kittatinny Canoes spends over $30,000 a year to sponsor a river cleanup every July. Organizer Ruth Jones states that the river has been her playmate since her earliest memory and still is today. She strongly believes you can’t keep taking away from a resource without giving something back. The river has provided a wonderful life for her parents, herself and her family.

The Jones family continues to preserve its beauty by keeping it clean and pure for future paddlers. Don’t be surprised if on a hot summer day, you see Ruth (The Queen of the Delaware, now in her  80's) paddling down the river, keeping a watchful eye on the Delaware, the wildlife that inhabits it and the beautiful flowers that grow on its banks.

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Latitude: 41.480465 Longitude: -74.953128 Elevation: 599 ft

How to Participate

We are making a difference and we encourage you and the media to join us in our environmentally conscious endeavor, please contact Kittatinny Canoes at 1-800-FLOAT-KC for details or e-mail us at and in the subject line write "River Clean Up 2017."

All river clean-up participants are required to RSVP with us so we may arrange boats, work groups and meals. Camping is limited and must be reserved by our river clean-up management staff. 

Dates For Participation

7/17/2017 – 7/18/2017


Never ending job; Litter Laws and Litter Control Thresholds need to take place in the Park.No Glass Bottles for example. Signs and most of all enforcement of the rules including fines for known offenders in the same place; which are well known by now. Recreational past-time is too consumption oriented leaving a mess. Alcohol also needs more restrictions. People using unauthorized river areas need be removed. DEWA needs more diligent Park Rangers in number and spirit. Plastic is the enemy of man and nature; its presence is everywhere..

Nick Homyak, 6/6/2017

Dianna, Kempson/OBrien group Due to health challenges , Two volunteers will be attending (not five as originally stated). Thank you, Tom OBrien

Tom OBrien, 7/12/2017

Hello I'm Jacob

John, 9/21/2017

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