Musconetcong River Watchers Training

Four times per year, Musconetcong Watershed Association (MWA) River Watchers check the health of the stream by monitoring water quality at 4 locations along the Musconetcong River. The River Watchers measure temperature, dissolved oxygen, acidity (pH), and nitrate levels at each site. Volunteers also assess water and habitat quality by collecting insects, mollusks, and crustaceans that inhabit the stream bottom. The MWA uses River Watcher data to develop information that helps ensure water quality in the Musconetcong River remains suitable for recreational use, advocate for the River when proposed projects threaten its health, and more.

This year, MWA is offering biological training workshops that will also include New Zealand Mudsnail identification training. The New Zealand Mudsnail is an invasive creature that threatens water quality in the Musconetcong River.

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Latitude: 40.6959 Longitude: -75.0102

How To Participate

To participate, please email and register for 1 of the 2 March training dates.

Program Dates

3/23/2019 – 3/24/2019

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