Old Mine Road - Warren County, NJ

Area: 64,977 Acres

Habitat: Mix of deciduous, coniferous and mixed upland and wetland forests, riparian habitat, cultivated and fallow fields and open water

Site Description: Flanked by the contiguous forests of Worthington State Forest, the mixed habitats of this site straddle Old Mine Road along the Delaware River from the northern edge of Warren County south to Mount Tammany Cliffs. The Old Mine Road IBA, designated a globally significant IBA by National Auduon, consists of mixed hardwood forest, riverine forest, hemlock glens, spruce-pine plantings, occasional fields and wetlands. This site includes the Depew Island Natural Heritage Priority Site and intersects the Kittatinny Mountain Macrosite, which are recognized by New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) as two of the state’s most significant natural areas. This site is part of the Delaware Valley Water Gap Macrosite IBA. Old Mine Road was built by Dutch copper ore miners around 1650 and is considered the oldest commercial road on the North American continent.

Birds: The habitats of the Old Mine Road IBA support exceptionally diverse populations of breeding and migrating landbirds. Forest breeding birds include state-special concern Cerulean Warblers and Veeries as well as Hooded Warblers, Northern Parulas and American Redstarts. A few pairs of state-threatened Golden-winged Warblers also breed here. Bald Eagles frequently roost and forage within this area during the winter.

Area also has Black Bear, Porcupine, Bobcat, Fox, Coyote, Beaver, Mink, White-Tail Deer

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Latitude: 41.028105 Longitude: -75.043488 Elevation: 396 ft

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Wear Orange during Hunting Seasons

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