Point Peter at Elks-Brox Park - Port Jervis, NY

During the Gilded Age, from 1880-1920, the largest park within the city was developed - the Elks-Charles Brox Memorial Park. It was located on what was at the time called the Twin Mountain Tract, or Point Peter and Mount William.

In 1914, seeing a possibility of the developing the area as a public park, the Elks raised the necessary funds to purchase the tract under the leadership of Rev. W. Donohue, then pastor of the Most Sacred Heart Church. The property was first named Elks Park.                                                        

In the years that followed, Skyline Drive, a four-mile road that runs along the crest of both mountains, was built. In 1932, a substantial donation was made in memory of Charles Brox. Following that, the property was conveyed from the Elks to the city and became known as the Elks-Brox Memorial Park.

Later on, part of it became a Girl Scout Camp and through the 1980's, it was a public campground. The park reopened in 1996 with new picnic areas, trails, and bathrooms being constructed. Picnic tables and grills are also available.

Point Peter offers panoramic vistas that overlook Port Jervis, New York, as well as the states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and the Delaware River.

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Latitude: 41.385182 Longitude: -74.69676 Elevation: 980 ft

Accessibility Notes

Entrance is on Route 97 off westbound side of road.


Since this initial description of Point Peter was published on this site a number of walking and biking trails have been newly opened to the public for the first time in many years. Also, a point of fact: The Gilded Age ended around 1900. The term is credited to Mark Twain's 1873 book by that title which was the only book Twain co-authored.

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