Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm - Stroudsburg, PA

Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm, is a non-profit, living museum preserving 19th century Pennsylvania German farm life. Step back in time and experience farm life on a traditional homestead. Guides dressed in period clothing portray family members and share with you the daily routine of the thrifty Pennsylvania Germans who lived at this site in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Located in Monroe County just outside of Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, the farm is nestled on 100 acres of pasture, woods and fields, the farm buildings, including the bank barn and farmhouse, are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Livestock, include rabbits, chickens, cow, pigs, goats, sheep, a mule, and a team of Clydesdale draft horses pull our wagon through heirloom apple orchards and a pond used for ice harvesting in the winter. Traditional Pennsylvania crops such as wheat, corn and rye are grown and harvested as well.

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Latitude: 40.958495 Longitude: -75.248737 Elevation: 536 ft
the best travel advice comes from the people who live here
Katherine Muller

Seasons Open

Spring, Summer, and Fall with special Old Time Christmas Weekends in Winter

Hours Open

Check our website for current hours and events: www.quietvalley.org

Pet Friendly Notes

Due to our livestock, we do not allow pets on the property.


Great place to enjoy. Tour guides, working animals, livestock, daily demonstrations of life on a farm in the 1800s. You’ll enjoy this unique place.

Charlie, 6/22/2016

Such an amazing experience! This is pure enjoyment for the whole family - from the authentic dress and historical background you feel completely submerged into this 1800’s fully functioning farm! The animals, wagon ride, the hay jump were all favorites amoung my children. We will definitely be visiting again soon.

JD, 6/22/2016

Love Quiet Valley.

Allen Price, 6/22/2016

Loved this place as a kid and love it still! There’s so much to see and do with the many programs they offer. Personally my favorite is going right before Christmas for their tour, living nativity, and live music. Great history and wonderful historians!

Chelsea Holthausen, 6/23/2016

Quiet Valley is a gem just waiting to be discovered. The tours are fabulous, the learning is boundless, and I always end my day looking forward to the next time I can come out to the farm. Big Festivals and Small Farm Trips - doesn’t make a difference to me; my favorite place in the Delaware River Valley!

Rachel Alborn, 11/12/2016

This is an annual field trip with my third grade class and my favorite! Quiet Valley gives the students a true understanding of how people lived during the 19th century. The tour guides do an amazing job at bringing this time period to life for my students each year. My students enjoy this trip and learn so much from it. They always says it is the best field ever!

Marcia Petraglia- Steckel Elem., 5/5/2019

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