Robert W. Nichol Nature Preserve and Science Center - Hancock, NY

The Robert W. Nichol Nature Preserve and Science Center is located on 4.1 acres of land in the village of Hancock, of which .81 acres is wetlands. The Nature Preserve and Science Center, named in appreciation of the wetlands donor, is unique in that it is located in the village of Hancock and readily accessible to visitors. The property is owned and maintained by the Hancock Community Education Foundation.

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Latitude: 41.951146 Longitude: -75.267105 Elevation: 1408 ft
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Linda K. O'Brien


Recreational Opportunities

The Nature preserve offers groomed nature trails that allow visitors to identify flora, fauna, a wide variety of trees, and the observance of bird and animal life. Located throughout the trails you will find various picnic areas to relax and enjoy the outdoors. If you are visiting during undesirable weather a covered pavilion and picnic area is available at the science center. The Science Center is complete with study facilities, worktables, study lights, and science room equipment that provides an enhanced science-based educational experience for scheduled visits. We offer monthly programs for children and families and the building is available to use for private parties and events for a nominal fee.

Seasons Accessible

The Nature Preserve and Science Center is open from April-December.



Accessibility Notes

The Science Center isĀ ADA.

Pet Friendly Notes

This is not a pet friendly area.


How about you hire (I will do it for free actually) an actual naturalist and nature photographer to run the place during the spring, summer and early fall months? I am open for it. I have an expansive resume of photos and contributions if you care to explore. I live at Somerset Lake most of the warm season and would be happy to be a part. That includes butterfly walks, birding and mothing nights.

Eric Curtis Cummings, 7/6/2017

How about lessons on shooting a gun Eric?

Richard Carruth, 5/9/2018

I could also do that, Rich Carruth. Pretty good with sidearms and long guns. People here enjoy the shooting sports very much. But, I'd rather share my years of experience with a camera documenting nature in the Hancock area, such as the birds, butterflies and moths, and varied plant species.

Eric Curtis Cummings, 7/22/2018

Hello Linda, Good morning. I'm hoping this is a way that I can connect with the preserve. This past May I did an educational / art afternoon with the kids with Music of the Plants. October was when we were going to present this to the community in Hancock at the preserve. Who should I call to discuss this installation at the preserve? Thank you, sincerely, Marguerite

Marguerite Uhlmann-Bower, 10/8/2018

I'm so excited to say that I'll be spending more time at the preserve on Saturday, Oct. 27th. I hope to see some of the children there that created the art with the Willow tree on the beautiful May 18th day. They had such a good time as I did. Everyone so eager to learn and create. We'll get to see their work as well as the Cymatic formations they and the tree created through this new technology. Everyone viewing this will also see it in action too. Yes, I'm bringing all devices. See you soon.

Marguerite Uhlmann-Bower, 10/16/2018

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