Shuman Point Natural Area Blue Trail - Hawley, PA

The moderately difficult hike includes a steep start, with a stretch of rocky footing leading through stands of chestnut oak and low-bush blueberries to a small open flatland at the top.

The blue-blazed trail drops steeply downhill, passing massive, lichen-covered boulders left behind by the most recent glacier, 12,000 years ago. At the lower elevation, it is wetter and cooler, and neon-hued fungus glowed among the leaf litter. The trail becomes squishy in places, with seeps and moss, and an abundance of hay-scented, ostrich, and interrupted ferns.

Glimpses of the lake gleam through the trees, and side spurs lead to its rocky shore. You might see mallards, a great blue heron, and evidence of humans, too — tall, elaborate rock totems clustered like people at a party.

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Latitude: 41.446777 Longitude: -75.203795 Elevation: 1322 ft
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BWA Brodhead Watershed Association

Trail Distance

3 miles

Accessibility Notes

Not wheelchair accessible.

Pet Friendly Notes

Dogs welcome. Owners must pick up and carry out waste.

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