Veterans Memorial Park and Education Center - Borough of Matamoras, PA

Veterans Memorial Park and Education Center was created after a visit from the "Moving Wall." The park was established to celebrate the memory of the many veterans who courageously served our country, and also to educate citizens to the the horrors of war. It is a work in progress with monuments being finished for World War II, the Revolutionary War, The Cold War, Korea, Vietnam, 9/11 memorial and more. The World War I monument is in the planning stage.

Each monument is being equipped with QR codes which will have the history of that encounter. The park will eventually have monuments to all the major conflicts as well as the smaller, but no less significant, actions. It is located in the Borough of Matamoras, PA, but it is being constructed by the Veterans Memorial Park and Education Center Society. It is an area to learn, reflect, observe and pay tribute to the sacrifices countless veterans and their families have endured.


Latitude: 41.362087 Longitude: -74.694712 Elevation: 419 ft
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Veterans Memorial Park and Education Center


Hello "Nancy Vocci" we have communicated in the past-we gave you info on "Robert Tillman Ross" WW11 that lost his life on the USS Juneau CL-52 I enjoyed this site, however it was hard to find. I wish-if you have a wall with the names-I could copy it off for my husband to see his brother’s name. I understand they will be adding WW1 also. Robert and my husbands father was in WW1-in France-and injured-a bullet to the stomach, but he survived, and is buried at Laurel Grove Cem-Matamoras. I am still researching Robert's wife-Katherine Skinner and have made some progress on that too.

Helen Ross, 3/13/2017

Hi Helen Robert Ross was my Uncle My father Bill Ross is still alive Let me know if I can help Kris Ross

Kris Ross, 12/26/2017

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