Westfall Winery

Westfall Winery is located at Westfall Farm, one of New Jersey’s most historic and dynamic locations. According to the original deed, Simon Westfall purchased the land for Westfall Farm from the Earl of Perth in 1774.

The lawyer who handled the transaction, Elias Boudinot, would later serve as a delegate to the Continental Congress, and sign the Treaty of Paris. Simon Westfall built the original stone house and farmed the tract of land.

The American Revolution broke out on April 19, 1775 and Westfall Farm was suddenly thrust into the front lines as Joseph Brant and his Tories conducted raids in neighboring Port Jervis, New York.

The farm survived the revolution and beginning in the early nineteenth century, Westfall farm became a stop on the Underground Railroad for run-away slaves looking for freedom in the north. The farm passed through various members of the Westfall family until Wilhelmus Westfall purchased the farm from Samuel Westfall in 1826. Wilhelmus lived on the farm with his family until his death in 1843.

During a seventeen-year period, Wilhelmus added onto the house, and built a productive farm that traded with Port Jervis, New York.

In more recent history, the farm's business has been as a Dairy Farm, a horse breeding and boarding, facility, the return of the cows (though the new cows are Black Angus beef cattle), Christmas trees, and hay.

Loren Mortimer and his wife Georgene opened a new chapter in Westfall Farm's history. Loren and Georgene set a plan in motion in the Fall of 2000 that would culminate in what is now Westfall Winery. Working along side the traditional farm activities, they broke ground for the new grape vineyards on November 25, 2000. The Winter and Spring of 2001 saw the full-scale renovation of an old dairy building into a new wine production facility. They launched Westfall Winery. Today, as Westfall Winery expands into retail selling of it's high quality wines.

The winery is located on 300+ acres of breathtakingly stunning land in the Northwestern tip of New Jersey, that is proudly preserved though the New Jersey Farmland Preservation Program.

The naturally scenic beauty of Westfall Winery creates the perfect backdrop for great seasonal events, which usually include great food and music as well as wine by the glass discount bar. Alternatively, If you are in the mood for a quiet day with your partner, friends, family, or pet, enjoy a picnic  or take a stroll while sipping wine and savoring the moment. We invite you to explore and enjoy our farm and our wines.

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Latitude: 41.324877 Longitude: -74.71997 Elevation: 583 ft
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Loren Mortimer

Hours Open

12-5pm weekends

Seasons Open

March 20 - December 31

Eco-Friendly Notes

Westfall Winery practices recycles all glass and plastic. Recycle bins are available at our tasting room, tent, and pavilion.

Accessibility Notes

We are handicapped friendly.

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