White Lake Natural Resource Area - Warren County, NJ

The White Lake Natural Resource Area is a beautiful 396-acre preserve located in Hardwick Township. Owned by the County of Warren, the area is managed in partnership with the Ridge and Valley Conservancy for public use and enjoyment. The park's most notable feature, White Lake, is a deep 69-acre spring-fed water body. The lake is named after the white chalky marl bottom which is composed of freshwater mollusk shells and clay.

A variety of habitats surround the pristine lake, including fertile meadows, karst limestone exposures, sinkhole ponds, and stands of mature hemlock and hardwood forests. The shoreline is also home to various endangered or threatened plant species. In addition, the preserve is dotted with several cultural and historical points of interest, including a lime kiln and the stone wall remnants of an ice house/marl processing facility.

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Latitude: 41.001402 Longitude: -74.916784 Elevation: 455 ft


Recreational Opportunities

Walking, hiking, biking, paddling, boating, fishing, hunting (by permit only), horseback riding, and picnicking

Enjoy miles of new trails, including the Ridge and Valley Trail, which extends beyond county parkland and connects to the Paulinskill Valley Trail.

Watch the bustling wildlife around you. Bald eagles, osprey, black bear, snakes, bobcats, and rare butterflies have often been spotted here.

Set out on your kayak or canoe and enjoy the crystal clear waters of the lake or go fishing for brown or rainbow trout, bass, sunfish, and even landlocked salmon.

And don’t forget to stop by next-door to learn how the Hardwick Historical Society is working with the County of Warren to rehabilitate the Historic Vass Farmstead.

Seasons Accessible

Open year-round



Accessibility Notes

Open Sunrise to Sunset

To help protect this sensitive natural area:

- Only non-motorized and electric craft are allowed on the lake

- Wear a life jacket at all times when boating

- Keep your park clean by packing out trash

- Motorized vehicles are allowed on driveway and parking areas only

- Keep dogs leashed and under control - pick up/pack out pet waste

- Please stay on marked trails

The following are NOT permitted:

- Boat trailers and horse trailers

- Swimming

- Fishing from the lakeshore or docks

- Alcoholic beverages and glass containers

- Excessive noise

- Camping and campfires

- Collecting of plants, animals or historic artifacts

- Hunting, except by special permit from Warren County



Ridge and Valley conservancy use this place as thier own private country club, even if you follow all of the rules above someone always shows up when you are there to let you know what the rules are, they drive you crazy, we pay for this open space in our warren county taxes but we are so restricted on using it. It was a great place at one time it’s a shame

Kathy Turney, 8/24/2017

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