World Peace Temple at Kadampa Meditation Center - Glen Spey, NY

The World Peace Temple is a Kadampa Buddhist Temple opened in Glen Spey, NY in 2006. It is one of only four Kadampa temples in the world, and the only one of its kind in North America. Its unique design is based on the celestial palace of Buddha Heruka, the Enlightened Being of Compassion. The design also represents all the stages of the spiritual path. Just seeing it reminds the viewer that we have the potential to improve our human nature and qualities through developing the capacity of our mind.The temple contains a magnificently crafted shrine housing traditional Buddha statues, reliefs and paintings. 

The temple is set amid 82 acres of woodland with four walking trails, ponds, creeks and sitting areas throughout designed for contemplation. Accommodations are also available from dormitory style rooms to private B&B style rooms.

Meditation courses and retreats are offered for both experienced Buddhist meditators and for beginners interested in learning meditation basics. 

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Latitude: 41.479113 Longitude: -74.79054 Elevation: 1280 ft
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Hours Open to Visitation

The grounds, including nature trails are open seven days a week from 9am-1pm and 2pm-6pm. The temple is generally open for tours and visits most days from 11:30-1pm and 2-4pm. A few times a year the Temple is closed for private retreats and events. 

Accessibility Notes

The Temple and some accommodations buildings are handicap accessible. 


I love going to the Temple, always a peaceful experience. There are two phrases I hear/or see: everyone welcome and this is your Temple. And it does feel like a homecoming.

Mary E. Piper, 5/13/2016

I have had amazing visits and weekends here. It feels so special and peaceful. Highly recommend a visit!

Sandra Bernike, 5/13/2016

This is pure land for sure. Sleep there and wake up to a pure experience. The folks who live and work there are the kindest people you’ll encounter. Always a spiritual awakening. Fantastic !

Larry Price KMC Long Island , 12/9/2016

Peaceful, clean, vegetarian meals and a nice cafe and coffee shop and bookstore. Saw wildlife on the hiking trails. Great for kids and families, onsite accommodations available. Offers wonderful meditations and advice on how to cultivate a happy life for beginners, to deep, silent retreats. Extensive books on Buddha's teachings. Amazing Buddhist Temple with tours open to the public.

Rachel G. Illinois 6/17/2019, 6/19/2019

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